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Hey Bigot, What Do You Believe About…? (The Defense Series)3 min read

April 25, 2014 3 min read


Hey Bigot, What Do You Believe About…? (The Defense Series)3 min read

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[Welcome to The Defense Series. The aim of this series is to help Christians more effectively “make a defense” (1 Pet. 3:15) to those who challenge the teachings and values of New Testament Christianity. Don’t be fooled by the title; this article is a response to the above quote. My prayer is that the following words will help and embolden you as you stand for Truth.]hey bigot what do you believe aboutWhen someone begins their question with, “What do you believe about…,” I get excited. Why? Because they have allowed me the opportunity to illuminate some aspect of religion or morality with God’s Word. Perhaps I will be able to plant a seed that will eventually bring this soul to the Lord.

More and more often, however, this question is being asked with a double standard. Our postmodern culture is conditioning people – especially the Millennial generation – to doubt the reality of absolute truth. As a result, the valued virtue of “tolerance” has taken a new meaning. Today, many who consider themselves “tolerant” are decidedly intolerant to anyone who believes in moral or religious absolutes.

Commenting on the difference between the traditional view of “tolerance” and the new postmodern view of tolerance, D.A. Carson writes,

Neither the old tolerance nor the new is an intellectual position; rather, each is a social response. The old tolerance is the willingness to put up with, allow, or endure people and ideas with which we disagree; in its purest form, the new tolerance is the social commitment to treat all ideas and people as equally right, save for those people who disagree with this view of tolerance. (98; emp. mine)

This new understanding of “tolerance” complicates the seemingly innocent question that begins with, “What do you believe about…?” Many will quickly label you as being intolerant (and will thus respond to you with intolerance) if you somehow communicate any of the following principles:

  • Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father (John 14:6).
  • The practice of homosexuality is sinful (Rom. 1:26-27; 1 Cor. 6:9-10).
  • Jesus has very specific standards for what constitutes marriage (Matt. 19:4-6).
  • Jesus is God (John 1:1; 14).
  • There is such a thing as “sin” (1 John 3:4-10).
  • Jesus only started one Church (Matt. 16:18; Eph. 4:4-6).
  • Hell exists (25:41, 46), and God will send seemingly good, moral people there (Matt. 7:21-23).
  • God’s Word is the only standard in matters of faith and religion (2 Tim. 3:16-17).
  • Etcetera, etcetera.

Christians, if you are being salt and light to the world (cf. Matt. 5:13-16), you will occasionally be asked, “What do you believe about…?” by people who hold to the new tolerance rather than the old. And when you find yourself in this situation – and you suspect your convictions will label you as being arrogant, bigoted, narrow-minded, judgmental, or intolerant – preface your answer by asking for tolerance.

For example, say, “Thanks for caring about what I think. My beliefs are actually very personal, and I am glad to share them with you. But before I do, tell me, do you consider yourself a tolerant or intolerant person? Is it safe for me to share my beliefs with you, or are you going to ridicule my convictions? Do you respect other points of view, or do you criticize views that differ from your own?”

Let them answer your question. If they claim to be tolerant (and who considers themselves intolerant?), then it will be very difficult for them to call you “intolerant” or “bigoted” when you share the truth of God’s Word with them.

This response demonstrates that the new tolerance is flawed; there is no such thing as being neutral. Too often, Christians are the only ones who get labeled as being ‘judgmental,’ though everyone else is judging, too. Nonetheless, those who seek to please God rather than men will be persecuted by those who subscribe to the new tolerance.

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Carson, D.A. The Intolerance Of Tolerance. Eerdmans: Grand Rapids, MI, 2013.

Ben Giselbach is the pulpit minister at the Edgewood church of Christ in Columbus, GA. He and his wife Hannah have two children, Ezra & Colleyanna. Ben is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University and has returned to pursue his MDiv. He has written three books in his You Are A Theologian Series: Thinking Right about the Bible, Thinking Right about God, and Thinking Right about Salvation.
  1. Rob Lester

    Right on! Looking forward to this series.

  2. James

    You've said some bigoted things on this blog in the past and I think it's appropriate to highlight bigotry where it exists, especially when it comes from members of the church. In this post you appeal to the questioner's respect for tolerance. If the respect for tolerance is granted by the questioner, then that should be reciprocated with an equal measure of tolerance. If it's not, then the situation merits an explanation as to why special treatment should be granted in this special circumstance. To date I have not been pursued by anything you've written as part of your defense series as to why we should remain intolerant of marriage equality. I hope that you will someday understand that marriage equality, like all forms of equality that came before it, helps everyone and there is no reason to remain intolerant on this issue.

    • Ben

      James, you serve as a good example of someone who suffers from the delusion of the new tolerance. You believe I am "intolerant" simply by my conviction that God - through His Word - has called homosexual marriages sinful. Therefore, you believe my personal belief should be treated, in turn, with intolerance. I'm not denying anyone the right to believe, like you most adamantly do, that homosexual marriages are approved by God. I'm simply sharing the gospel - that God is now calling all men to repentance - and that God's Word makes it abundantly clear that one cannot enter heaven while practicing, or approving of those who practice, homosexuality (or any other form of sin for that matter). This is, however, unacceptable to someone who has such a shallow view of the Bible.

  3. Ivy Johnson

    Ben just want to offer you some encouragment as your posts are blessing people...as we repost and share links to your articles, the message is far reaching! Stay strong dear brother. Sincerely, Ivy Johnson

  4. L. Curtis Gilbert

    Excellent article. Appreciate it. I think you meant John 14:6 instead of 14:7 in connection with Jesus Christ being the only way to the Father.

    • Ben

      Thanks brother for the kind words! And thanks for pointing out the reference error; I have corrected it. I appreciate you! -Ben

  5. Brian Giselbach

    An excellent article. One of my favorites.

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