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Introducing The New PSF!3 min read

August 28, 2018 2 min read


Introducing The New PSF!3 min read

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I have long felt inadequate as a writer for PlainSimpleFaith. Many of the topics I have addressed are bigger than me, and when I write I seldom feel I am able to do them justice. But I continue to blog in part because writing helps me think through things more clearly. After all, one of the most effective ways to study the Bible (I have found) is to study with the goal of teaching others. Thus, this platform has largely served as a means of self-improvement. 

Another reason I blog is because I have been somewhat dissatisfied with what I perceive as a lack of other quality blogs in the church today. The proliferation of countless personal blogs means words come cheap these days. Anyone with a cerebral cortex and keyboard can start a blog and begin publishing whatever bubbles into his or her consciousness without the guidance of an editor. I feel that, overall, this has not been beneficial to the church. Christians who blog without first thinking about their words will inevitably hurt their reputation and the church. 

Thus, in these volatile times, I have taken pride in the fact that my blog, PlainSimpleFaith, has grown to be a website that is seen by many as a resource that is fresh, balanced, and level-headed. (That is, by many of my target audience⎯I still have my fair share of detractors.) And when I have fallen short, you—my readers—have lovingly challenged me do better. But PlainSimpleFaith isn’t great because of me—PlainSimpleFaith is great because of the Christians who have taught me and given me an example to follow; PlainSimpleFaith is great because of my loving, grace-filled wife; PlainSimpleFaith is great because of the wise and godly men and women who have painstakingly read each article and critiqued them before I clicked “publish.” 

This past year, I realized that the one thing holding PlainSimpleFaith back was me. Thus, I have made the decision to invite several men and women (all of whom are smarter and wiser than I) to help with this project. Starting this month, PlainSimpleFaith is no longer exclusively my blog; I am just the editor. PlainSimpleFaith is now a platform for several all-star writers: Glenn Colley, Hiram Kemp, Joe Wells, and Westley Hazel. If you don’t know these men already, you will quickly find that they are among the finest Christians alive today. We also have helping us a highly skilled team of copy editors, graphic designers, content handlers, and social media managers who have volunteered their time and expertise because they believe in this project. Furthermore, PlainSimpleFaith will frequently publish guest articles from Christians who I feel have beneficial things to say.

We are excited about the new PlainSimpleFaith. We have turned an already reputable blog into a better one with many talented writers—a website that is still both relevant and trusted. With a diverse readership that is both young and old, believers and unbelievers, we hope this platform will challenge you to think right about Christianity. To God be the glory.

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Ben Giselbach is the pulpit minister at the Edgewood church of Christ in Columbus, GA. He and his wife Hannah have two children, Ezra & Colleyanna. Ben is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University and has returned to pursue his MDiv. He has written three books in his You Are A Theologian Series: Thinking Right about the Bible, Thinking Right about God, and Thinking Right about Salvation.
  1. Tony Clay

    I'm excited for the future of PSF and humbled to have a small part to play. TGBTG!

    • Ben Giselbach

      It is really great to have you part of the team!

  2. Amy Clevenger

    Great read. and so thankful for this blog and men willing to write. looking forward to the future.

  3. lennie reagan

    Ben, your writing is spot on. I have been encouraged, challenged, and enlightened. Your decision to expand PSF will only add to the richness of what you are doing. Thank you.

  4. Jonathan Medley

    You were already doing great, but excited for the growth. Thanks for standing as an example and a benchmark to many others of us.

  5. Diana Shepard

    This is a great platform. I heard some of these men at PTP this year and am looking forward to reading their articles!

  6. Cody Westbrook

    Looking forward to it. May God bless you in your work.

  7. Nathan Liddell

    Great news, brother! May God continue to bless your work.

  8. Mary Christie

    Ben, I find your writing to be among the best in the brotherhood! I'm honored to help in any way possible, and I enjoy reading the articles by other writers as well. So much of the other content I read (on other pages) is not helpful because it's mostly arguing an obscure point, berating someone else's thoughts, or pushing an agenda that causes confusion and division in the church. Your posts are authentic, well thought out, and well written. It's been a pleasure, since you were a teenager, to watch you grow into a preacher of sound words, a husband who isn't ashamed to say how much he treasures his wife, and a father who is doing his all to be what his little ones need! Your parents did a fine job, and we love and miss the whole family. (Especially Jenet, whom I loved as my Bible teacher at North Jackson.) God bless you!

  9. Wayne Rodgers

    I appreciate the good work and know that it is a great resource for the Kingdom. May God be glorified and continue to bless you.

  10. Brenda Giselbach

    So proud of you. For continuing to work inspireing and educating others in ‘His’ word.

  11. Bonnie McCoy

    Excited for this blog...and looking forward to God’s Word being shared!

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